We offer the most energy efficient windows available including a variety of wood windows. If your home’s windows are wood windows, you should consider wood replacement windows to keep the original look of your home. Using replacement windows with a wood exterior allows you to perfectly match the color scheme of your home whether you use a sash replacement system or a full tear-out install.

Wood windows are made using wood for the frame and the sash instead of using vinyl or aluminum to make those components. For our purposes, we are using “wood window” to mean those with a wood exterior as well as a wood interior. We have a separate category for wood interior with a low-maintenance exterior. We refer to those as clad windows.

Wood has been the material of choice for centuries mostly because it has been readily available and easy to work with. With a wood exterior, you paint the exterior of the window to match your color scheme after the window is installed. You can easily change the colors of the window also. Of course, these windows will need to be painted again and again over the life of the home.

The trim around the exterior of the window is also infinitely variable. There are many standard trim configurations but you can also create your own unique trim easily. Contrast this to an aluminum clad window where there are only a few defined trim choices. Exterior trim is an important consideration when choosing a material type for your new windows.

Exterior color is another consideration when you are choosing a material for windows and doors. Very dark colors like black and dark bronze will cause the material they are on to heat up more than lighter colors. The cycle of heating up and cooling down (when the sun goes down), can put extra stress on wood windows and doors. We recommend a clad window if you are planning to go with a dark color.

Replacement Windows: Clad Wood

Windsor Glide-by Windows

  • 20-year warranty on glass and clad finish
  • Clad exterior is available in white, ivory, tan, bronze, cinnamon, hunter green and black exteriors ONLY
  • Interior is pine or primed wood
  • Sash lock is the same as the double hung lock – recessed into sash
  • Sash is removable for cleaning
  • 2-panel or 3-panel XOX configuration

Replacement Sliding Windows: Vinyl

Windsor Vinyl Sliding Window

  • Limited Lifetime warranty on frame and glass
  • White or Tan vinyl plus 7 painted exterior finishes are available as upgrades
  • Multi-chambered extrusion provides maximum efficiency of the frame
  • Check rails interlock to provide air-tightness and security
  • Integrated lift rail on sash to hold while sliding
  • Sash is removable for cleaning
  • 2-panel or 3-panel XOX configurations