Easy to do business with is our motto.
We won’t pressure you like some other guys.

Our Process

  • If you are comfortable measuring, you can give us rough sizes and we will work up a ballpark estimate for you. Or, we can come out and take the initial measurements for you.
  • We will provide same day pricing either in the home, or by email, depending on how much time you have available.
  • Take your time in coming to a decision. We are not going to pressure you to decide at any time. All of our quotes are good for 30 days.
  • Once you have come to a decision, contact us and we will set up a time to go over all the details one more time before you commit to this project.
  • We will come out with one of our installers to verify all measurements before ordering anything.
  • Once the windows arrive, we will call you to schedule the install at a time convenient for you.
  • During installation we will continuously clean as we go to make sure we leave your home as clean as we found it.
  • After installation is complete we will do a final walkthrough with you to make sure you understand how to operate all windows and doors, and to ensure you are happy with all workmanship.
  • Our 2-year labor warranty covers any issues that might occur during that time. After 2 years, we will provide service for the product warranty by fixing any issues at no cost to you, as long as it is covered in the product warranty.

  • All the products we carry have a 20-year glass warranty.
  • Our aluminum clad products have a 20-year finish warranty.
  • Our all wood products also have a 20-year frame warranty.
  • We will provide a copy of the current product warranty of your choice at any time.

  • We service all of our brands and can fulfill any necessary warranty work.
  • Our 2-year labor warranty covers all workmanship on the install to ensure a trouble free project.
  • We want to make sure you are happy with your windows and doors for years to come!


We provide installation services on most replacement projects. Our installers are trained on the latest methods to ensure you get the best possible installation. We only use high quality products in our installation to ensure we keep the water on the outside, where it belongs.

There are 3 basic ways to replace windows and we offer all 3 as options. During the initial measure, we will provide a full explanation of how the install type will affect your windows and recommend a solution that we think fits best for your chosen product.

Pocket Windows

Pocket windows are fully-assembled windows that fit inside your original wood window frame. The window is constructed to fit into the space of your original window sashes. The fact that it is factory-assembled means you can have an NFRC rated window that is superior in air tightness to a sash only replacement.

The interior and exterior casing are not disturbed. We only need to remove the interior sash stop to install the window. The sash stop is put back into place after the new window is installed.

You can get pocket windows in the following materials:

Clad windows have a pre-finished aluminum exterior and wood interior.

CPVC sashes are made from white CPVC inside and out.

Vinyl windows are made entirely of vinyl construction and are white or tan inside and out.

Sash Replacement

Sash replacement is where we remove the original window sashes and the track that they ride on, or the old rope and weights if you have that instead of an aluminum track. We install a new track system on the sides of the frame and install new sashes into the new tracks. We remove only the interior sash stop and leave all of the casings in place. When the installation is complete, you only need to touch up the paint on the stops and paint the sashes. No painting on the walls is needed.

Typically this is the least expensive of the replacement options using wood windows or a clad window. It also leaves the window looking as close to the original window as possible, because you are replacing a wood window sash with a new sash that looks like a wood sash (either PVC, wood, or clad).

This system works well if your original frame is square and plumb and there is not significant rot. If you have gaps in the corners of your windows, they are out of square. To use this system, you might need to fix the original frames to get a good seal.

Full Tear-out

Sometimes you just need to start over.

A full tear-out replacement is where we completely remove the original window frame and all trim and install a new window unit with new trim inside and outside. We may be able to re-use interior trim but usually there are minor size differences between the new window and the original window that make new trim easier.

This method is used where:

  • The original window frame is racked badly or heavily rotten
  • You want a different configuration or type of window (changing from a double-hung window to a casement style or changing a triple window to a twin window)
  • You want to reduce maintenance and use a totally clad exterior window.
  • You want the most air-tight installation possible. Since we can caulk the frame to the building and put foam between the window jamb and the framing, we can get a tighter air seal with this install method.