Regular sliding doors have just one track with operable doors riding on it and one fixed panel track. They can come in 2 panels wide, 3 panels wide or 4 panels wide where 2 center doors open and the outer doors are fixed.

Regular Sliding Doors

Featured Brands

  • Windsor $$

  • Loewen $$$

  • La Cantina $$$

Multi-Slide Doors

Multi-Slide doors have more than one panel that can move and multiple tracks where doors slide along. These doors allow for all of the panels to slide to one side of the door – creating a larger opening than a regular sliding door allows. In addition, options like tracks flush in the floor are possible with Multi-Slides.

Featured Brands

  • La Cantina $$

  • Loewen $$$

  • Windsor $

Lift Slide Doors

Lift Slide doors operate on a large section of wheels that are concealed in the door until the handle is rotated down. This rotation lifts the doors up so they can slide freely along the track. These doors are used when the panels are very large because the hardware can handle up to 880 lbs. per panel. They also have a hidden track that leave only a 3/16″ tall rail above the flooring surface as an option.

Featured Brands

  • Loewen $$$$

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