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This style of window has a single sash that is hinged on one side of the window and projects outward. Modern casement windows either have hidden hinges and are equipped with a crank mechanism to move the window open, or they have a push-out style lock where the user unlocks the window and pushes it open. Quality windows will have a sequential or multi-point locking system to lock the window in multiple places along the side of the frame. Loewen casement windows offer the best sound ratings and thermal ratings available in a wood window. Windsor casement windows feature a sash set back in the frame with a great exterior muntin detail. Both brands feature extruded cladding for extra strength!

Wood or PVC

Wood or PVC Brands

  • Loewen $$$ – Loewen uses special glass venting system to limit glass failure with a 20-yr glass warranty.

  • Windsor $ -Adjustable hinges allow for adjustment to the operation after installation.

Clad Wood

Clad Brands

  • Loewen $$$ – EPDM rubber gaskets make Loewen casements the quietest standard N. American window with STC ratings of 32-34 with an STC 40 available.

  • Windsor $ – Windsor’s sash sits back in the frame to provide more depth than competitors whose window sash sits out almost flush with the wall cladding.