Spring is just around the corner, bringing with it the longer days, warmer temperatures and the fresh air and smells we crave all winter long. When those first perfect Spring days hit, most people will want to spend as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors.

Atlanta-area homeowners who have had folding patio doors installed in their homes will get to experience the changing seasons in a unique way, without ever even leaving the comfort of their homes!

How Folding Patio Doors are Different

folding patio doors
Traditional, sliding glass patio doors offered an easy way to move from indoors to outdoors, visually connecting the inside of a home to the patio or deck beyond. Modern doors like folding patio doors take this idea to an entirely different level.

When you have a folding patio door installed, you’ll have a wall of glass when the door is closed, similar to what you would see with a traditional sliding glass door. However, rather than sliding to open up a doorway, folding patio doors actually fold off to one side of the opening or the other when you open them. This means you have more room to move between inside and outside, and you get that much more fresh air and sunlight.

Where more traditional sliding glass doors use a sill track where dirt and grime can get onto the track causing problems, the best folding patio doors are top-hanging systems. The door panels for folding patio doors, typically 39″ wide or less, are hinged together and are hung from the top for easy operation.

Explore the Options

Different window and door manufacturers offer slightly different features and styles of folding patio doors.

LaCantina Doors, one of the best-known folding door manufacturers, offers all-aluminum, vinyl and aluminum exterior/wood interior folding patio door options.

Another product we offer and install, Centor Integrated Doors, are customer favorites because of their hidden latches and other features like built-in insect screens and privacy shades. When the screen is built right into the door, you can actually conceal it right in your wall as long as your wall is at least 2×6 or larger.

And, because all of the panels in folding glass patio doors are on one plane, they’ll fit into a 2×4 wall.

Why Wait? Experience Spring Differently This Year!

At Expert Window & Door, we’re excited about helping more Atlanta-area homeowners experience Spring and Summer differently in 2017, and for years to come.

To learn more about folding patio doors and our other products, and to find out what sets us apart from other window companies, call us at (470) 255-2097. We also invite you to stop by our showroom at 2374 John Glenn Drive in Chamblee, GA today. At our showroom, customers can operate three different displays to experience for themselves how easy and beautiful folding glass patio doors can be. Come find the perfect folding patio door for your home today!