The windows in your home were not designed to last forever. High quality windows can last for around 20 years in some parts of the country, however humidity, moisture and extreme weather can all take their toll, lowering your windows’ life span.

replacement windows

At Expert Window & Door, we often speak to people who are looking at new window options, but aren’t quite sure their existing windows really need to be replaced. Here are some signs that indicate you should be proactive about having replacement windows installed:

  1. They’re drafty. If you can feel the temperature change or even feel drafts of air when standing by your windows, it means they are not energy efficient and you are probably paying too much money for heating and air conditioning bills.
  2. They’re damaged. Sometimes windows can be repaired, but more often than not, a damaged or broken window should be replaced. If your windows are hard to open or shut, you get condensation (fogging) in between the panes of glassĀ or if the frame or window sash is chipped, water-stained, warped or broken, you should have replacement windows installed.
  3. Your house has moved on, but your windows are stuck in the ’80s. The style of your windows is one of the first thing people notice when driving by or entering your home. If you’ve renovated the rest of your house but haven’t gotten around to the windows yet because you’re waiting until you “need” to, it will show. If you’re planning to do other remodeling work, it may make sense to get replacement windows at the same time, as you may want to consider a different style or even a different size window. If you are replacing your siding, it makes sense to replace your windows first for a better fit.
  4. Weather exposure. Odds are good that the windows on one side of your house are in better condition than those on the other side. That’s because severe weather and sun damage are often more pronounced on one side. Be sure to check the condition of all of your windows when considering upgrading to new windows.
  5. They don’t block out sounds well. Older windows often do little to block out the sounds of traffic, noisy neighbors or nature. Newer window designs include better soundproofing.
  6. You’re planning on selling your home. Even if your windows are still functionally sound, having outdated windows can make your home harder to sell on the market. While updating your windows comes with a cost, it can make your home sell faster and may result in a higher selling price.

For more tips about deciding on replacement windows, and to learn more about the window design styles and options available through Expert Window & Door, call us at 470-255-2097 today. You can also find us online to view photos of some of the many windows and doors we have installed for satisfied clients across the Southeast.